Talk Loud In The Forest is a feature documentary currently in post production. The film follows a nomadic couple, Jane and Etienne, walking through the dolomites with their three donkeys and two dogs. While cycle touring from London to Italy to see the Venice Biennale, I was coming down the Albula Pass in Switzerland looking for somewhere to stop for lunch, when I met Jane and Etienne at a petrol station buying dog food. I agreed to join them for lunch, where they led me to a clearing in which three donkeys, two dogs and a piece of tarpaulin stood. I stayed for a few nights learning about Jane and Etienne’s lives; they live a nomadic lifestyle, walking everyday moving slowly across the continent.
Film by: Oliver Bradley-Baker
Sound: Úna O'Sullivan
Editing: Luca Serventi, Oliver Bradley-Baker
Sound Mix: Harry McSwaine