Breakfast in Kisumu
37min Documentary - Cinematography & Editing
Talk Loud in the Forest
Feature Documentary - Director, Cinematography, Edit
The Once and Future Land
18min Doc - Direction, Cinematography & Edit
Tale of the Heckler || Waterbear Network
8min Doc - Edit
Slow Cycling Episode 6 - France || GCN+
1hr Documentary for GCN+ - Editor
Fault it Not
8min Doc - Cinematography & Edit
Marcel Braithwaite || Documentary
A short documentary following Liverpool boxer Marcel Braithwaite. Film by Oliver Bradley-Baker
James Kempton || Attenborough's Long Beaked Echidna
2min ProMo - Cinematography & Edit
Simalaha ‘Plain of Blood’ || Zambia
2min Project summery - The National Geographic Society, The Rhodes Trust And Wingtra  - Editor
Digital Divides
3min Doc - Cinematography & Edit
Guidelines Mountain Biking - Short Film
Role: 1st AC